Shinra Mansion (Anxious Heart)


The Shinra Mansion (Anxious Heart) Piano solo arrangement.

Composed by Nobuo Uematsu
Arranged by David Peacock
Performed by Augustine Mayuga Gonzales

I wanted to create a narrative with Anxious Heart, and since I've found it is primarily utilized as the theme of Nibelheim, I decided to recount the events that occur here from the perspective of a pianist in the Shinra Mansion. This piece starts in Nibelheim before the incidents, with the expedition to the Mako Reactor, Sephiroth’s realizations and spiraling emotions, leading to the destruction of Nibelheim and Cloud’s retribution on Sephiroth for destroying his hometown, ending with a straightforward exposition of “Anxious Heart” as we know it in-game.

Don’t Be Afraid (Final Fantasy VIII)

Hadn’t done an ‘allegro’ arrangement in a while, so here’s a brief section of the 5/4 battle theme from FFVIII. Single-note ostinato in the left hand, lots of octave jumping, slight reharmonization. Yipee! My thumb has a blister now.

Reflecting on Nibelheim... ~On That Day, Five Years Ago~ #ff7 #piano #nobuouematsu #music #arrangement #drama #pno15

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Reflecting on Nibelheim (“On That Day, Five Years Ago…” FF7)

The main theme of FF7 has so many good variations, but I always find this version to be my favourite. I enjoyed adding inner moving lines and tensions, and imagine this might sound nice played by strings…