#Gunpoint mashup Composers: @RyanIkeComposer / @FranciscoFoco / @JohnRobertMatz #pno15 #piano #finalformgames

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Melancholia / Subterfuge Shuffle / ‘Round Gunpoint (Gunpoint)

Working on Rogue Legacy Reborn, I got to hear and meet a lot of great musicians. As a reflection of that time and the process we all went through, I wanted to start covering the others’ original material. Starting with the three composers for Gunpoint: Ryan Ike, John Robert Matz, and Francisco Cerda — who each had their own arrangements on the Rogue Legacy album! Here’s a quick mash-up of 3 of their compositions in 15 seconds! Phew…

Also check out the Gunpoint OST here!

Passing Through the Forest (#ThreadsOfFate / #Dewprism) Composer #junyanakano #pno15 #piano #squareenix #squaresoft #psx

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Passing Through the Forest (Dewprism / Threads of Fate)

Often an overlooked game, I enjoy this soundtrack a lot! The rhythmic production is fantastic, and behind it the harmonies are rich and full. I had only played this game as a demo disc that came with another Squaresoft game, so I didn’t get much farther than the forest where this tune plays…

Vella Wakes (#BrokenAge) Composer @PeterNMcConnell #pno15 @DoubleFine #piano #arrangement @TimOfLegend

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Vella Wakes (Broken Age)

With only 15 seconds per arrangement, I find it difficult to allow the music to just have space. This entire soundtrack is really beautifully written, so I was able to take a recognizable motif from the score and give it some room alone on the piano.

Green Hill Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Sometimes my arrangements get a tad too ambitious for my out-of-shape “chops”… I had fun making this one bouncy and light like Sonic games were (are?… not sure). I directly ripped myself off from a Videri arrangement of the same piece at the end there. Just because. :)

High on Coffee (Earthbound / Mother 2)

A generally mellow tune. I liked the sound of this well-used piano, as it seemed to match the quirky nature of the Mother games. Also, this video happened to look neat and have the piano split the screen right down the middle. Neato. Boing.