Laced Records Interview


I had the opportunity to chat with Thomas Quillfeldt for Laced With Wax (Laced Records' blog). We talk about the video game music community, arranging music with the original composers involved, and other various aspects of my career so far.

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Disasters for Piano

*UPDATE* Audio out now! Check here!


Some exciting announcements!

In collaboration with Disasterpeace, we've put together a selection of solo piano arrangements called "Disasters for Piano". For now, the digital PDF sheet music booklet is available, with audio coming very soon, and talks of some on-demand physical sheet music options in the works :)


From Disasterpeace's blog:

'Disasters for Piano', A collection of Disasterpeace works arranged (for piano) by David Peacock.

'Disasters for Piano', A collection of Disasterpeace works arranged (for piano) by David Peacock.

"One day I saw an Instagram video of someone performing a short snippet of 'Forgotten' from FEZ on piano.

I was really taken by David's style, watched all of his clips and reached out to complement him and see if he might want to work on a piano arrangement. What followed was a long and fruitful collaboration - an open invitation to David to explore my catalogue and tackle what he liked, and a whole lot of back and forth as we refined and honed in on an eclectic set of piano arrangements."

Download (PDF)

Arrangement of “Puzzle” from FEZ [updated]

✨🎵✨New music✨🎵✨ 

This week “TESSERACT: An Acoustic FEZ Album” was released by Materia Collective!

For my arrangement of “Puzzle”, I wanted to convey the idea of discovering, examining, and solving a puzzle from the perspective of the protagonist. To do this, I decided to separate the original composition down to some specific elements and reconstruct the piece, hoping to create the emotional and narrative effect desired.

Arrangement of “Puzzle” from FEZ for small ensemble.

Composed by Rich Vreeland
Arranged by David Peacock

Featuring superb performances by:
Kristin Naigus - woodwinds
Doug Perry - percussion
May Claire La Plante - harp
Augustine Mayuga Gonzales - piano/celesta
Patti Rudisill - violins
Andrew Steffen - viola
Andrew Stern - cello

Mixed by David Peacock
Mastered by Chris Vaughn


*UPDATE* Condensed score video available on Youtube. Check it out!

RWBY, Vol. 4

I was invited to arrange an acoustic string version of "Boop" featuring Videri String Quartet and Casey Williams' vocals. Check out the iTunes pre-order here: